Our Team: The Driving Force Behind Guanglei's Success in Environmental Protection Household Appliances

Our Team: The Driving Force Behind Our Success

At Guanglei, we take immense pride in being a leading enterprise in the field of environmental protection household appliances. Since our inception in 1995, we have been striving to offer high-quality, innovative, and practical solutions for our customers' everyday needs. However, none of this would have been possible without the dedication and expertise of our team.

Our team is the driving force behind our success, and we owe it to their hard work, talent, and commitment to excellence. From research and development to production, marketing, and customer service, each member of our team plays a crucial role in creating a positive impact on the environment and society as a whole.

Research and Development

Our research and development team comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds and expertise in the fields of engineering, physics, chemistry, and environmental science. They work tirelessly to develop and improve our products, keeping in mind the latest technological advancements, customer feedback, and environmental regulations.

With their innovative ideas and problem-solving skills, our R&D team has been able to create highly efficient home air purifiers, car air purifiers, ozone vegetable purifiers, ultrasonic humidifiers, and ozone generators. They also conduct extensive tests and quality checks to ensure that our products meet the highest industry standards for performance, safety, and reliability.


Our production team consists of skilled workers who use advanced machinery and cutting-edge techniques to manufacture our products. They understand the importance of precision, accuracy, and consistency in every step of the production process. They take great care to source the best components and materials, ensuring that our products are durable, long-lasting, and eco-friendly.

Our production team follows strict quality control protocols to make sure that every product that leaves our factory is of the highest quality. They also adhere to ethical labor practices and work in a safe and healthy environment, demonstrating our commitment to social responsibility.

Marketing and Sales

Our marketing and sales team plays a vital role in bringing our products to customers' attention and building our brand reputation. They use various channels, including social media, advertising, trade shows and exhibitions, and partnerships with retailers, to reach out to customers and showcase our products' unique features and benefits.

Our marketing team creates engaging and informative content that highlights our products' effectiveness, health benefits, and environmental impact. They also work closely with our customers to understand their needs and preferences, providing personalized and prompt service that builds long-term relationships.

Customer Service

Our customer service team is the face of our company, interacting directly with our customers and addressing their queries, concerns, and feedback. They are knowledgeable about our products' features and benefits, as well as environmental regulations and after-sales service policies.

Our customer service team adopts a customer-centric approach, ensuring that every customer is treated with respect, empathy, and professionalism. They go the extra mile to resolve any issues or concerns promptly, providing comprehensive solutions that exceed our customers' expectations.


In conclusion, our team is the foundation of Guanglei's success, and we value their contribution deeply. Each member of our team is a talented, dedicated professional who shares our vision of creating a healthier, more sustainable world. Their expertise, hard work, and commitment to excellence inspire us to continue innovating and improving. We are confident that with such a strong team, we can achieve even more significant milestones in the future.
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